Filip Vučetić – The heart of the game

With the new spirit of the Sports and Recreation Center Bar and the name that describes it in the true sense, the heart of the city is not only the Topolica Hall and the fields in Hungary, but also its employees. People who left the years of their working life to bar sports and with their dedicated work made us proudly bear that name. One of the people of the Heart of the City is Filip Vučetić. Born in 1963 in Bar, one of the first workers, then “Work organization Sports Center Topolica” in 1986.

Filip, for whom the Sports and Recreation Center is the beginning and end of his working life, is a witness to all the changes within the company, the expansion of infrastructure, matches and competitions of world athletes.


JL: Philip, can you tell me what the Sports and Recreation Center is for you? What is it that has kept you in this Society for so many years?

FV: I can say with certainty that the “Sports and Recreation Center” is a second home for me. By spending equally time with my colleagues and athletes, I am proud to say that Sports and Recreation really is. My home. As someone who is an athlete at heart and loves sports since childhood, I tried, and I still try to make our Bar a city of sports. That is one link that is why I am still here today in the chain of a good team, quality and good athletes, among whom I found real friends. That is the reason why I have been tirelessly here all these years with the same spark of work and effort as 35 years ago.

J.L. : We know that you have collaborated with various domestic and world athletes and that you can tell us a lot of anecdotes, those less but also those more beautiful stories and situations. Please single out a moment you fondly remember?

F.V .: The fact that I am the oldest worker in itself says that in the past 35 years, here in Hungary, I have met great domestic and world sports stars.

In the sea of ​​events, in the past three decades, I will single out a few events and anecdotes that I gladly remember.

Back in 1988, the Olympic team of the former Yugoslavia came to our city of Bar. Seeing in front of me names like Radmilo Mihajlović, Semir Tuce, Mirsad Balić, Jovica Nikolić and many others, which until then I only watched on TV – was an unreal event for me.

Also, in 1990, the Cameroonian national team came to make the final preparations before the World Cup held in Italy. Just because I was close to such athletes, it was a great honor for me.

I must mention that our stadium and tartan track were also visited by great athletic stars such as Sead Krdžalić, Radoman Šćekić, Ismail Mačev and many others. The special charm of these great athletes is that they behave and live like us, ordinary people.

The anecdote that has remained in my memory and because of which I still sincerely laugh today is the following …

In 1987, during the construction of the final phase of the tartan track, access to the stadium was prohibited due to works. However one lively boy dared and jumped the fence and I went to warn him to leave the track. At that, he said to me, so arrogantly with a smile: “Do you know that I am Dražen Petrović?”, Later a famous Yugoslav basketball player, and I found myself in a miracle that this boy was him.

A few years later, I was delighted by a call from him, and a sentence that I seem to hear now: “Fick, do you remember when you took me off the track, you didn’t believe I would get here.” It’s a memory for me for a lifetime.

In the end, as in life, there were beautiful and less beautiful events that we leave behind and look forward, and today I am proud to say that I am part of this team and that the “Sports and Recreation Center” has always been and remains the home of all athletes , primarily our Bar, and certainly athletes from all over Montenegro.

So many emotions towards one company, towards the Society with which Filip practically grew up, is a real rarity. He, along with many colleagues who have been making the Heart of the City keep beating for decades, leaves the younger working generations with a good foundation to feel the same. He reminds that selfless and honest work is the basis of a good life “game”, good company and a good family.

Maybe that’s why the Sports and Recreation Center really is

Heart of the City-Heart of the game